Professional Development

Welcome to Experiential Professional Development, AT LAST!! Our workshops are outcome-driven training programs geared to the needs of working professionals who wish to learn new skills or improve group moral.

Our multiple-level learning approach encourages everyone to participate and learn, this builds communication, cohesion, and over all group effectiveness. Have your departments return to the workplace equipped with the tools and confidence to contribute as a team!

Our Workshops

Group Cohesion:

Build trust, communication, and cooperation. Through a series of initiatives, participants are encouraged to work through problems and overcome challenges. Each new initiative builds from the one previous, this fast pace workshop creates a fun and exhilarating learning environment.

Great for new groups, old groups and everyone in between.

Adventure Team Building:

This is one of our specialty workshops! We run this program at Metcalfe Rock in the Blue Mountains (South of Thornbury). Build trust, communication, and cooperation in an adventure based setting! The group embarks on an expedition through a network of caves, cliffs, trail networks, streams, and much more. Participants have to work together to navigate, make group decisions, and support each other along the way.

Give your group a bonding experience that will unite them as one!

Professional Speakers:

Our Key Note speakers captivate and motivate any audience, creating relevant connections through epic storytelling. They have pushed their limits in harsh environments and taking falls, losses, disappointments and setbacks… listen to how they were able to turn it all around. In order to plan, prepare for, and execute successful expeditions, our speakers have learned how tricks and tips for time management, overcoming obstacles, group dynamics, co-existing, compromise, and more. Our Adventure speakers are experts in motivation, team building, competition and overcoming adversity.

Some topics:

  • Climbing Denali - mental health – finding your healthy outlet
  • Biking Across Canada – balancing work and personal life
  • Competing At WORLDS – Triathlon Athlete – overcoming adversity
  • Hiking the Bruce Trail in one shot – the key to rolling with the punches.

“It’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about how quickly you pick yourself up.” Anonymous

Adventure Team Building Extreme:

This program takes the Adventure Team Building workshop to a new level, literally! Repel into caves, off cliffs, and more. By using perceived risk, we can lower “walls”, and break through barriers which allow departments to create positive, effective work environments.

This is more than a team building workshop, participants will have a lifetime of great memories.

Create Your Own Unique Workshop:

Let AT LAST's qualified staff design the perfect program unique to your group needs.  AT LAST is highly motivated to bring you the very best programing, and it will show!   Contact us today and let us know what your goals and objectives are, and we will take care of the rest.

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Some of Our Past Groups:


Georgian Bay Nordic Ski Team
with 786 Comments

Group Cohesion ProgramWhat a wonderful day at Camp Selah.  The participants were amazing and had lots of energy.  Good luck in your up coming race season everyone! 1 2 3 4 5

Georgian College Workshop
with 1,407 Comments

Group Cohesion ProgramWe had a great day working with Georgian College students and Faculty.   What a great way to incorporate navigational theory and team building.  1 2 3 4

Motivational Speaker
with 546 Comments

Professional SpeakerDuring this project Carlin Val (Expedition Leader) talked at local high school assemblies throughout Grey and Bruce promoting Mental Health and the expedition.  The main theme of the talks was focused on the transition from high school to what … Read More

Key Note Speaker
with 2,821 Comments

Professional SpeakerDuring the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario (COEO) Conference Carlin Val (Expedition Leader) had the pleasure to be the Keynote Speaker.  Linking the connection between good mental health and adventure.  The following is a description of the project. Denali At … Read More